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The story is about Benjamin Lewis, a 25 year old man who is living on his own in a very human-deserted area. But he is actually quite happy, because all he really needs are his friends on the social platform "Tracebook" who listen to him and send him love from around the world. Today, just having reached his 1000th friend, he wants to meet his virtual girlfriend in reality. But his destiny will change his entire virtual life, so that everything takes a different course than planned on "Tracebook".

EIGHT FLOWERS is a story about modern friendship, love and social isolation.

8, as endless same destinies; 8, as a new beginning;
8, as eight flowers.


Social networks seem to have a rapidely growing impact on our society, but also to every individual. Many people are meeting more often their virtual friends than their real ones. This new way of human interaction is the subject of our short film EIGHT FLOWERS.

This project has been initiated by BMC Films, written, directed and produced by Timo von Gunten.

Remarkable is the spirit of cast and crew by working mainly voluntarily for this low budget production; out of pure commitment. To make the production possible a significant budget had to be pre-financed by crew members to achieve the desired professional outcome.

The editing is being done by the US-Swiss editor Gisela Weibel (EDI and Golden Trailer award-winner) in Los Angeles. The film music will be created in Paris by the acclaimed and award-winning French composer Armand Amar. The film will be sent to national and international film festivals.

Cast & Crew


Benny Merz

Benny MerzBenny Merz has been a dedicated actor in film and theatre for many years. He absolved the European Film Actor School in 2007 and played in leading and supporting roles for film and theatre.

"After having read the script, it was clear that I had to agree playing the role. EIGHT FLOWERS has a very important theme and will surely not be the last film about it."


Manfred Liechti

Manfred LiechtiManfred Liechti is a well known Swiss actor since his role in "Die Herbstzeitlosen". The Swiss Film Price nomminee plays in productions as "Im Namen der Gerechtigkeit" "Hello Goodbye", "Der Fürsorger" or "Overbooked". With his authentic acting skills Manfred Liechti incorporates his role stunningly as the antagonist in EIGHT FLOWERS.

"After having met Timo, I was impressed by his cinematographic visions, his courage and enthusiasm; and all this at his young age. It was a honour for me to be part of the short film EIGHT FLOWERS."

Viola von Scarpatetti

Viola von Scarpatetti

Born in 1987 and raised bilingually, Viola von Scarpatetti has been acting and singing on stage since she was 10 years old. She absolved the European Film Actor School in 2007 and is taking acting training by the acclaimed actress Maria Becker ever since. Viola von Scarpatetti works around Switzerland for theatre, film and television.

"On a sunny afternoon I received the request for a role in the short film EIGHT FLOWERS. Even though I had planned holidays, I had to accept the role after having read the script and meeting the director. I'm really glad I did. For me the role of "Catherine" is a very gentle and sensitive character. To play it with the right portion of tenderness was a real challange!"


Sarah Schaefer

Sarah SchaeferAfter gratuadion in Switzerland and the USA, Sarah Schaefer studied in Paris (Cours Florent), Zürich (EFAS), and New York (NYFA, AIDA) to train herself as a professional actress. During her three year course in New York, Sarah performed in several Off-Off-Broadway theatre productions and played different leading and supporting roles in short films.

"Nathalie, an insecure and vulnerable woman, lives in her "Tracebook-world" as an isolated person. I tried to combine her superficiality with the depth and grief of her real life."


Tanja Larissa Lehmann


Timo von Gunten
Writer, Director & Producer

Timo von GuntenAfter his autodidactic film career, Timo von Gunten (born 1989) studied "Advanced Video Production" at the Edith Cowan University in Australia and has been working as an editor at the Dschoint Ventschr Filmproduction in Zürich. He lives as an independant filmmaker in Zürich.

"Don't talk about doing it; just do it!"

Contact: timo@bmc-films.com

Pierre Castillo Bernad
Director of Photography

Pierre Castillo BernadPierre Castillo Bernad (SSFV), born 1985, absolved several internships and assistant jobs on feature and documentary films in the domains of direction, production, editing, lighting and camera. Since 2008 works mainly as a director of photography.

Since then, he has been in charge of many international snowboard film productions and assisted acclaimed DOP's in the German film industry. Pierre Castillo Bernad is currently studying cinematography at the acclaimed film academy Baden-Württemberg in Germany.

"EIGHT FLOWERS is to be considered as an independant project of the youth film culture, which was developed solely through passion of filmmaking, without collaborations with film schools or governmental funding agencies."

Gisela Weibel

Gisela WeibelAs a US-Swiss citizen, Gisela Weibel learnt the art of editing in Hollywood. With the mulitiple award-winning documentary film "Dogtown" and "Z-Boys" she could establish herself as an editor. Her trailers for "21 Grams" and "Lost In Translation" won twice the "Golden Trailer Award".

She was the editor of Switzerland's most successful films as "Mein Name ist Eugen" and the Docu-Thriller "Grounding", for which she won the national Swiss award in best Editing for the teaser. Gisela Weibel lives as an independant editor in Los Angeles.

"This project gave me the possibility to think about the collapse of social contacts."


Armand Amar

Armand AmarArmand Amar is a French film music composer who grew up in Marocco. As an autodidact he studied with many masters of traditional and classical music. Armand is known for his brilliant film music as in "Amen", "Indigènes" oder "Le Concert". The César award-winner (best film music 2010) lives in Paris and is involved in many international productions.


Intro Music
Trailer Music
Art Director
James Anthony
1. Assitant Director
Dominik Fellmann
2. Assitant Director
Robin Gut
Location Manager
Kalina Bettenmann
Production Manager
Luise Schröder
1. Camera Assistant
Adrian Huber
2. Camera Assistant
Quirin Sieber
Sound Engineer
Oliver Herzog
1. Sound Assistant
Timo Schaub
2. Sound Assistant
Tristan Siefert
Christian Bernutz
Thomas Zenger
Vanessa Obrecht
Katja Willi
Cristina Boesiger
Color Grading
Sound Design


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Without material or financial donations of sponsors, EIGHT FLOWERS could have not been developed in the way it has been. Meanwhile we were able to cover all major expenses of the production. However, we are still seeking for supporters to help us finance festival entries around the world. Supporters will be credited in the film or will even be acknowledged on the website.

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